About Shivani D. Gupta.

        (Artist & Designer).


All drawing, various artwork, figurines and the handicraft was prepared by Shivani Devesh Gupta.


Name: - Shivani Devesh Gupta.
Age: -14 years (2017).
School: - Vishwakarma Vidyalaya Marathi Primary Section Secondary and Higher Secondary School Bibwewadi Pune: -411037.
(Headmaster: -M.S.Pr.Pramod Nemade Sir)
Hobbies: - Drawing, handicrafts, design, calligraphy etc.
Anything Special: -
  • Expert in Mehandi, Rangoli, Sketching etc.
  • State Award Winner In Grade Elementry Examination with 1st Rank in year 2015.
  • Passed with 'A' Grade in Intermigiate Examination With 17th Rank in Year 2017.







List of Awards in Her Carrier..


a) First prize in kalarang Drawing compition At District Level.


b) Camlin Drawing compition second prize and selecte for state level compition.


c) Balmitra Drawing Compition State level Award Division Pune- 1st Prize.


d) Horlix Drawing Compition, Winning Gold Medal At Ganesh Kala Krida Manch.


e) Horlix Essay Writting Compition:- Silver Medal.


f) Intermigiate Grade Examination :- 17th Rank At State level and 1st Rank At District level and Interschool level.


g) Elementary Grade Examination 1st rank At State Level.


h) Sarda Math Drawing Compition :- 2nd pri


i) Student of the Year in 2013(4th Std.) and 2017(7th Std.)


j) Maharashtra Rajya Kaladhyapak sangh Mahamandal Drawing Compition:- 1st Rank At district Level.


k) sanskrut vidhya Mandir Ayogit chitrakala Spardha:- 1st prize.




An introduction to careers in art and design…


When you imagine an artist or designer at work, you might be picturing somebody indulging in their hobby and not actually doing any ‘work’. The artist is sitting on a mountainside and painting a charming landscape scene, catapulting multi-coloured paint at a huge canvas, or placing a stuffed shark into a glass box. The designer is swinging from side-to-side on their office chair and playing around on Photoshop, cropping images and trying to decide which colour to use for the background of a website: ‘muddy asphalt’ or ‘cigarette ash grey’?


Sure, working in art and design might seem like a wonderfully idyllic and relaxed career choice, where you have pure freedom to let your creative juices flow. However, it may shock you to know that these career paths are actually a lot of hard work. So before you make the decision to get into art and design, you should firstly discover what it’s really all about.






How do I become a professional artist or designer?


Often, the career path of an artist or designer does not take a particularly conventional route. Freelance work allows you to be in charge of your own business. However, this means you can’t rely on your artistic talent alone. You will need to be business savvy, diligent and excellent at networking in order to receive those essential commissions for your work, without which you won’t be able to survive. There may be periods of time when it’s hard to get any work at all, so you may need to do some stopgap jobs whilst you pursue your true passion on the side. It’s going to be an exciting and creative career, but it’s also going to be pretty challenging.



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