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' शिवानी आर्ट्स डिजाईन ' या आपल्या वेबसाइट वर आपल खुप खुप स्वागत आहे.

About Us

सर्व रेखांकन, विविध कलाकृती, नक्षीकाम आणि

हस्तकला शिवानी देवेश गुप्ता यांनी तयार केले.
नाव: - शिवानी देवेश गुप्ता
वय: -14 वर्षे (2017).
शाळा: - विश्वकर्मा विद्यालय मराठी प्राथमिक व

माध्यमिक व उच्च माध्यमिक शाळा  बिबवेवाडी

पुणे: -४११०३७

(मुख्याध्यापक:-मा.श्री.प्रा.प्रमोद नेमाडे सर)
छंद: - रेखांकन, हस्तकौशल्य, डिझाईन, कॅलिग्राफी वगैरे.


Anything Special


१)राज्य पुरस्कार विजेती ग्रेड एलिमेंटरी परीक्षेत प्रथम
२)राज्यस्तरावर इंटरमिग्एट परीक्षेत १७ व्या क्रमांकावर उत्तीर्ण
३)शालेय आदर्श विद्यार्थी पुरस्कार प्राप्त
४)आदर्श ग्रेड चित्रकला पुस्तकाचे कु.शिवानी गुप्ता याच्या हस्ते उद्घाटन.आणि बरेच काही...


What will U see on this site??

1) Images of Drawings,Handcrafts, Doodle  of google, And Memory drawing etc.

2) Information of Winning awards, Gallery of awards, list of awards on Sections etc.

3) Album of sketches,doodles of google.

4) Pastel & poster color painting

5) Memory Drawing, winning award gallery.& see more.....
6) M.A.D album Specially for Children.




Home:- Introduction About Shivani Devesh Gupta. Some Information about Art and Design.
Awards:-Imformation About winning Awards, Gallery of awards, List of awards etc.
Gallery:- photos of Drawing, Types of Sketches, Canvas Painting, Arts Gallery, Handcraft, Design Gallery, Memory Drawing etc.
M.A.D:- (Special for children)
Visiter can upload his/her own creativity on our website. And he can also download easily.
F.A.Q:-A page for Guidence.
Contact us:- Detail Information about Us. Foloow Us on Social Media like Face book, Twitter, Google plus and subscribe our Youtube channel for our interesting videos.




What is Art & Design?


The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.


Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction as in architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams, and sewing patterns. Design has different connotations in different fields. In some cases, the direct construction of an object as in pottery, engineering, management, coding, and graphic design is also considered to use design thinking.Designing often necessitates considering the aesthetic, functional, economic, and sociopolitical dimensions of both the design object and design process. It may involve considerable research, thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and re-design. Meanwhile, diverse kinds of objects may be designed, including clothing, graphical user interfaces, skyscrapers, corporate identities, business processes, and even methods or processes of designing.


A Greate Artist Who Inspired ME...


A Greate Artist Who Inspired ME...

The Greate Artist (1)Balasaheb Takhare (2)Mangesh Tendulkar (3)Leonardo Di vinci


History of Art & Design



Ancient art refers to the many types of art produced by the advanced cultures of ancient societies with some form of writing, such as those of ancient China, India, Mesopotamia, Persia, Palestine, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The art of pre-literate societies is normally referred to as Prehistoric art and is not covered here. Although some Pre-Columbian cultures developed writing during the centuries before the arrival of Europeans, on grounds of dating these are covered at Pre-Columbian art, and articles such as Maya art and Aztec art.


ancient art


The history of art is the history of any activity or product made by humans in a visual form for aesthetical or communicative purposes, expressing ideas, emotions or, in general, a worldview. Over time visual art has been classified in diverse ways, from the medieval distinction between liberal arts and mechanical arts, to the modern distinction between fine arts and applied arts, or to the many contemporary definitions, which define art as a manifestation of human creativity. The subsequent expansion of the list of principal arts in the 20th century reached to nine: architecture, dance, sculpture, music, painting, poetry (described broadly as a form of literature with aesthetic purpose or function, which also includes the distinct genres of theatre and narrative), film, photography and graphic arts. In addition to the old forms of artistic expression such as fashion and gastronomy, new modes of expression are being considered as arts such as video, computer art, performance, advertising, animation, television and videogames.
The history of art is a multidisciplinary branch of the arts and sciences, seeking an objective examination of art throughout time, classifying cultures, establishing periodizations, and observing the distinctive and influential characteristics of art. The study of the history of art was initially developed during the Renaissance, with its limited scope being the artistic production of Western civilization. However, as time has passed, it has imposed a broader view of artistic history, seeking a comprehensive overview of all the civilizations and analysis of their artistic production in terms of their own cultural values (cultural relativism), and not just western art history.
Today, art enjoys a wide network of study, dissemination and preservation of all the artistic legacy of mankind throughout history. The 20th century has seen the proliferation of institutions, foundations, art museums and galleries, in both the public and private sectors, dedicated to the analysis and cataloging of works of art as well as exhibitions aimed at a mainstream audience. The rise of media has been crucial in improving the study and dissemination of art. International events and exhibitions like the Whitney Biennial and biennales of Venice and São Paulo or the Documenta of Kassel have helped the development of new styles and trends. Prizes such as the Turner of the Tate Gallery, the Wolf Prize in Arts, the Pritzker Prize of architecture, the Pulitzer of photography and the Oscar of cinema also promote the best creative work on an international level. Institutions like UNESCO, with the establishment of the World Heritage Site lists, also help the conservation of the major monuments of the planet.
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  • shivani Got 1st Prize in 1st prize which Organise By KALASWAD at Loksahir Anna Bhau Sathe Kala Dalan Bibwewadi Near Sawmi Vivekanand Statue. Pune 411037.


Drawing created by shivani gupta.


A Drawing Created By Shivani D. Gupta.





The Importance of Art in Child Development


I) Motor Skills


II) Visual Learning


III) Language Development


IV) Inventiveness


v) Decision Making


VI) Self improving








Good thought


Top 5 Reference Book Art and Design In India.


1) In the Arts and Crafts Style. (Available on Amazon).


2)Beautiful Sketches and Portraits by Siddhartha Banerjee.


3)Lost Pieces of Art: Hand Painted Vintage Bollywood Posters.


4)Subodh Grade Chitrakala Drawing Book By Subodh Narvekar.


5)Adharsh Chitrakala Grade Book By Jaiprakash Jagtap sir. (Available on Amazon).